Sylvie Sion – Managing Director

Sylvie is one of the founders of SYMA Consulting back in 2014.

Sylvie has over 20 years of experience in quality management system and processes, working in different positions in quality control and quality compliance.

While the last 10 years were mostly dedicated to the medical device industry, Sylvie worked previously in different industries and was initially introduced to quality through the automotive industry.

Sylvie still supports auditing organizations to maintain continuous knowledge of the industry, its practices and obligations.

Our people

Our team is committed in your management system’s success.

Each member of our team has demonstrated, through the management systems implemented by SYMA Consulting, their expertise in implementing efficient management systems.

Our project managers and consultants support your teams in the planning and implementation of the management system, in parallel, your team will learn how to manage it in order to be independent once the project is achieved.

We count with certified auditors in different management systems and regulations.

We have specific experts about Medical Device regulations.